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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

Welcome to Kennel Snowpug`s website

Welcome to our website and please take your time to viewing the site. I hope you will enjoy your journey trough our pages and enjoy our huggable dogs. 

My first pug:

NO CH SE CH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite "Oscar"

Kennel SNOWPUG is a small pug-kennel (black- and fawn pugs) in North Norway and the Snowpug family consist of our belowing dogs, my son Tor-Gunnar (born 27. January 1993) and my self (Mona). We live in the municipality of Balsfjord, which is in Troms county. We are proud over that our kennel is the northernmost pug kennel in Norway!

My kennel is approved in the FCI and the Norwegian Kennel Club and I received my officially breeding name Kennel Snowpug 16th. November 2005. 

The health of the breed (both psychially- and fysichally) is a top priority in my breeding. I only breed on healthy individuals, who are in good health and who have the best conditions for giving good offsprings. My goal is to breed healthy, pretty, happy and functional dogs that can enrich the lives of their owners for many years.

In my breeding program I am very focused/suspended in working to achieve my goals - such as: the breed construction, health, joy, temperament, anatomy and genetics. But one should always have "in mind"/remember that there are living individuals we are doing with/working with - and you can never guarantee the results coming out of the breeding. But as a breeder I try to work towards achieving my goals in the best possible way for the breed. 

All the dogs in our family lives with me in the house, they are with me 24/7, short told, they have access to the hole house and they are all equal family-members!

As a breeder my interesting is the Pug breed - I love to talk and discuss this wonderful breed with everyone. So if you have any comments, questions to the website ore just wants to chat - I would be very pleased for your contact. 

For me it`s very important to make friendship cross over the world and have contact with people who want discuss this lovely breed - in this way we can exchange information and learn of each other!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your visit!

Mona Helen Gunnarsdotter Bergheim

Har du lyst på en mops fra Kennel Snowpug? 

Ved å følge linken nedenfor kommer du til skjema for "Valpeforespørsel". Da er det bare å fylle ut informasjonen i skjemaet - så tar jeg kontakt


I have memberships in following organizations:

Norwegian Kennel Club

Norwegian Pug Dog Club

Norwegian Miniature Dog Club

Swedish Pug Dog Club


Puppy available

Social media:

Kennel Snowpug has own pages in social media. Please feel free to add us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. 

Gå til Forespørselses skjema - NÅ!

I am available to my puppy buyers all the time and anyone who has a pug from kennel Snowpug has guaranteed life-long follow-up.

We are proud to be sponsored by Lofoten Fish Oil with the product Lofoten Salmon Oil. 100% pure Norwegian cold pressed salmon oil with natural Omega3. ONLY the best for my pugs!

I am grateful that Kennel Snowpug has been sponsored by the company with sample products for my puppy buyers since 2014. pH friendly products that don`t interfere with the dog's natural pH flora.