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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

                               2008 News and Updates

Troppla Dark Denise 

On this site you can read about different updates on our web-site.

Our Snowpug-Blog would be updated regularly with all small news and information frome our kennel

20. December 2008:

  • New picture on the frontpage. The picture is taken at a photograph in Tromsø and it shown our male Theodor, Candy and their 7 babies (Kennel Candypug)
  • Christmascard frome our kennel

I wish to thanks all my friends for their great and lovely cristmascards they have sent me by e-mail and post

08. December 2008:

  • Skjema for valpeforespørsel
  • er utarbeidet og lagt ut på sidene (Hovedsiden/Frontpage og på valpesiden/Puppypage)

05. December 2008:

24. November 2008:

  • New picture on the frontpage taken of Bob playing and running in the snow

16. November 2008:

  • Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow has 7 healthy puppies, 5 girls and 2 boys, at Candypug kennel in Tromsø. For inquires please take contact with Ann-Kathrin on mail: [email protected]
  • Vår hanne Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow - Theodor - har blitt far til sitt 2 kull, denne gangen hos Candypug kennel i Tromsø. Der ble han far til 9 valper, men desverre var 2 dødfødte. Men igjen var det 7 friske og sterke valper, 5 tisper og 2 hanner. Ved interesse kan Ann-Kathrin kontaktes på mail: [email protected]

14. November 2008:

New picture of our female Pugbully Joan Baez - aka "Sarah" (Our pugs)

11. November 2008:

  • New frontpicture of Nandi (Snowpug`s Thabisa Nandi) who lives in Netherland. Thank you Marjo for beautiful pictures and for that you are taking so good care of the little princess!!

26. October 2008:

"Snowpug`s Dreaming Dore Quatro"

  • Many pages has to bee updated (and they will come) - the result side hasn`t been updated for a very long time. But we have been on serveral dogshows this year and on Norwegian Kennel Klubb`s two/second last Internationale Dogshows my own breeding bitch - Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - has been placed between the top 3 bitches. On NKK Stavanger in September she was placed as 2nd Best Bitch with R.CACIB and R.CAC. On NKK Tromsø in October she was placed as 3rd Best Bitch with R.CACIB and R.CAC. I`m very proud of her work in the showring!!!!
  • For the first time on a Nationale Doghow in Stavanger in September -08, arranged by Norwegian Miniature Club avd. Rogaland, I get the chance to show 4 pugs from my own breeding in the breeding class. The pugs who where shown in the breeding class were: Snowpug`s Baron Of Western Norway, Snowpug`s Brianna the Rose Of Love, Snowpug`s Baroness Marie Of Victory and Snowpug`s Alice Deejay. My breeding group was placed as BEST IN SHOW BREEDING CLASS!!! I have to give my dearest puppie-buyers Dagny and Veronica all my thanks for your help, handling and for a wonderful weekend. On a later statement I will lay out on the webside what the judge said about the group.
  • In October I get the marvelous message (better late than never) that my own breeding bitch - Snowpug`s Baroness Marie Of Victoy - in 2007 was given the title: "MOST WINNING MINIATUREDOG PUPPY NR. 4 IN NORTH NORWAY" (MESTVINNENDE MINIATYRHUNDEVALP NR. 4 I NORD-NORGE). This was a fabelous message to get on a weekend here in North Norway where we are on a holliday trip. And I have to give Tone Hansen, TOJAS kennel, many hugs for that she gave me this amayzing message and before she had taken care of the big Rosette for a so long time.
  • My mum`s Chihuahua bitch got 2 babies (puppies) 13.10.08, 1 male and 1 female (both puppies are spoken for). The picture below shows headstudy of the puppies mother: Kallebo`s Mexican Ciricitt, the male at 13 days old and the bitch at 13 days old. I`m so glad that I had the opertunity to travel home to North-Norway, so I could follow the puppies in their first weeks in their lives.

25. September 2008:

  • New picture on the frontpage taken 24.08.09. The picture shows our two babygirls - Snowpug`s Dreaming Dina and Snowpug`s Dreaming Tjorven!!
  • D-litter has got their own album on the site Photoalbums

06. September 2008:

"Snowpug`s Dreaming Dore"

24. August 2008:

  • New page "D-Litter"
  • Puppy page
  • is updated
  • New picture on the frontpage taken of our princess in Netherland - Snowpug`s B`Thabisa Nandi Of Norway. Thank you Marjo so much for that you are taking so good care of Nandi!!
  • My mothers chihuahua bitch - Kallebo`s Mexican Ciricit has been mated with Kallebo`s Mexican Mini Eros. The puppies are expecting around 17. October 2008. Inquires are welcome!

22. August 2008:

  • New link to Theodor`s new home in Tromsø. Theodor will now live in Tromsø with the pug Candy and the pekigneser Bamse, he`s Co-own with Ann-Chatrin Andreassen and we know that Ann-Chatrin in the future will take good care of our studmale - but we miss him a lot in our home... 

21. August 2008:

18. August 2008:

              (Album - August 2008) (Snowpug`s B`Thabisa Nandi Of Norway)

  • New picture on the frontpage taken of Sarah 180808

13. August 2008:

  • New page - Calendar The calendar will be updated regularly with events frome our home/kennel, I will not write here each time I`m updateing the calendar - so check it out regularly!!

11. August 2008:

  • It`s a very long time since I last updated my website - there is serveral grounds for this - but I will in the future try to update the site regularly again. Many things has happened in the time my website has been silence - and it will take a time before all the sites are updated. I`m greatful for the patiens all my friends and wisitors has been showing me this time - a big THANKS to you all!!!
  • The website has been updated on many of the websites - take a round and look - have a nice time Example; females, upcomming puppies, blog
  • Snowpug puppy frome our C-litter - "Bob", Bergen in Western Norway - has now got his own blog. Check it out here: Bob the super pug - I`m a super pug in a super pug world - you gotta love me!
  • We are expecting puppies around 27. August after, Troppola Dark Denise (Dam) and Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow (Male). Take a lokk on Upcomming litters

05. June 2008:

  • Snowpug puppy frome our C-litter - "Molly", Haugesund in Western Norway - has now got her own blog. Check it out here: I have to send a big congratulation to Helene (8 years old) wich have made the Blog - you have done a great job with the site. I also have to say that she is showing a very big intusiasm for training Molly (6 months old) in agility - keep up the good work you are doing with the princess, and maybe we one day will see you both in the agility ring on a dogshow!!

25. May 2008:

  • (I`m sorry but this is only written in Norwegian) GRATULERE kjære Tor-Gunnar, med din store dag i dag. Konfirmasjonsdagen din!! I dag trer du inn i de voksnes rekker - og det går opp for meg at lillegutten min holder på å bli voksen... Dagen din i dag feiret du slik som det hører til - og jeg tror nok du var fornøyd med gavene du fikk. Jeg ønsker deg all hell og lykke i fremtiden - og husk du velger selv hvilket "spor du skal velge" i fremtiden... Stor varm klem fra mamma

11. May 2008:

  • New link to Mopsportalen - a site I really recomand everyone to look into.

07. May 2008:

  • I received FANTASTIC NEWS last night frome Sweden. Our queen Ida (Snowpug`s Baby I`m Borzan`s Diamond) who lives with Kennel Borzan (Janet and Stig Holm) entered the showring for her first time last Sunday (04.05.08). And for a showdebute - there were 7 pug puppies - and the queen entered the showring with her head high and paws good planted to the ground - the result was BEST OF BREED Puppy and reserve BEST IN SHOW puppy.
  • All of us in kennel Snowpug are so proud of Ida - and for that Janet and Stig are taking so good care of her. Thanks for everything - you are fantastic!

14. April 2008:

New picture of Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow and Snowpug`s Baron Of Western Norway

Showresults updated on Snowpug`s Baron Of western Norway and Snowpug`s Baroness Of Victory

I was driving to Stavanger last thursday with the sibblings - Lille Oscar and Marie. This because I should show Lille Oscar and Marie on a dogshow in Stavanger 12.04.08.

This was Lille Oscar`s first time on a dogshow - and I was so exciting how he would react on all the noises, sounds, dogs and peoples. But he was so nice and calm, and if I didn`t knew better I would think that he had been on dogshows all his life!! It was a pleasure to show him up - he has so good movements and it look like that he is born to be in the showring. It couldn`t go anyway better.

Here is what the judge Deijl, Wilhelmine Van said about our prince charming (Snowpug`s Baron Of Western Norway):

8 months lovely male. Good bite. Compact, strong body. Lovely siluett and nice head with dark eyes. Velplaced ears. Lovely body. Good frontcheast. Excellent tail oaverige. Lovely neck. Good presentation. Good bones. Excellent movements.

Result: Best In Breed Puppy!!!

My little bitch Marie (Snowpug`s Baroness Marie Of Victory) was not disapointing me this time either, her is what the same judge said about her:

8 months lovely bitch. Well shaped head. Dark eyes. Good mask. Good ears. Compact body. Good frontcheast. Excellent tail. Good substans in the body. Good bone. Enough in movement.

Result: Best Of Opposite sex Puppy!!

They couldn`t get any better comments frome the judge - and I just have to thank the judge so much for her lovely comments she had for my dogs. It helps me to keep up my breeding plans.

I`m so proud over these two dogs and I`m really looking forward to see how they will develop and grow in the future.

07. April 2008:

We have our own webshop where you can design serveral products with different pug pictures. Take a look!!!

11. February 2008:

  • Fantastic showdebute of our little new hope - Snowpug`s Baroness Marie Of Victory, She was shown on her first dogshow yesterday - 10.02.08 - and for a debute!!! I was so exciting how she would react on all the dogs, noices and all the other stuff on dogshows. But she was amayzing - she was so calm and it was going so fine. She was showing her so well in the showring that the judge and his judgestudent just loved her. "Her movements is like flying over the floor" (sadly our photoaparate is destroid so no pictures was taken, but I will take pictures when we have our new one).

The showresults was Best In Breed Puppy - only five montsh old!!!! Thank you so much judge Rune Lysgaard for your nice comments on my little girl.

27. January 2008:

Tor-Gunnar has birthday to day - 15 years old - congratulation dear son!!!

17. January 2008:

The puppies in the C-litter has finally got their names. All the puppies has got their strong names after stars on the heaven.

12. January 2008:

10. January 2008:

08. January 2008:

06. January 2008:

02. January 2008:

  • We wish all our friends and visitors a Happy New year and we are hoping that everyone was taking good care of their dogs on New Years Day.
  • New picture on the frontpage. The picture shows one of our puppy byers, Gunnvor, with Snowpug`s Alexander O`Neal (her dog) and Snowpug`s Alice Deejay (our dog). Gunnvor was so kind to have Anna with them this christmas time - and they are loving her a lot. Thank you so much for that you are so lovely to us!!
  • More updating will come - picture of the puppies...

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