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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

 Our studmale - Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite - aka "Oscar"

On this site you can read about different updates on our web-site.

Our Snowpug-Blog would be updated regularly with all small news and information frome our kennel

17. December 2009:

11. December 2009:

04. December 2009:

  • New photoalbum - November -09 and Puppy pictures
  • Now 3 of the puppies has left to their new homes, I wish you all the best and I`m so greatful for that all my babies has commed to new loving homes. The last puppy will move to her new family 11th. December. I have kept one black female frome this combination since this is the breeding lines to Pugbully Joan Baez (died 24th. June -09) and its important for me to keep this lines in my breeding porogram.

07th. November 2009:

FANTASTIC show-weekend. I have to send a big thanks to the judge Ritva Raita who liked my pugs very much.

Here are the weekends results:

  • Lille Oscar (S. Baron Of Western-Norway) BOB with CAC
  • Marie (S. Baroness Marie Of Victory) BOS with CAC
  • Ella (S. Fairyland Ella-Bella) BOB Puppy
  • Egon (S. Egon Olsen) BOS Puppy
  • Lucky (S. Force Of Character) 2.nd Best Bitch Puppy

Below is what the judge thought about my Snowpug`s (I`m sorry but this is only in Norwegian and Lucky`s comments I havent received yet):

S. Baron Of Western Norway:

2 år. Tiltalende med snygt hode. Velkroppad og velvinklad. Rør seg mycket bra. Velboren svans.

Results: 1KVAL, 1KONK, CK, CERT, 1.BHK, BIR

S. Baroness Marie Of Victory:

2 år. Proporsjonerlig tik. Rører seg mycket bra. Bra hode, pigment og uttrykk. Velkroppad og velvinklad. Velboren svans. Har til og med forbryst.

Results: 1KVAL, 1KONK, CK, CERT, 1.BTK, BIM

S. Fairyland Ella-Bella (born 24.06.09):

4,5 mnd. Som lovar mycket godt. Mycket bra hode, uttrykk og pigment. Velkroppad og velvinklad. Rører seg mycket bra.

Results:1, 1.BTK, BIR Valp

S. Egon Olsen (born 22.06.09):

4,5 mnd. Tiltalende valp m/mycket bra hode. Velkroppad og velvinklad. Velboren svans. Rører seg mycket bra.

Results:1, 1.BHK, BIM Valp

I can`t say THANK YOU enough to my fantastic puppy-buyers, without you this hasnt been possibile, you are just marvelous - and I really look forward to a great show-year in 2010.

11. October 2009:

10. October:

  • I have avaibale 1 black female puppy born 16.09.2009 - if you are interested you are welcome with your inquire [email protected]
  • Jeg har ledig 1 svart tispevalp født 16.09.2009 - dersom du er interessert er du velkommen med din henvendelse [email protected]

22. September 2009:

18. September 2009:

Photoalbum of our G-litter born 16.09.09 is updated with more photos

PC`en min har hatt totalt "kolaps" og på grunn av dette mistet jeg ALT som var lagret på maskinen. Jeg håper derfor at alle dere som har sendt meg forespørsler og som venter på valp fra meg kan ta kontakt med meg på nytt. Det er bare å beklage så mye, men det var ikke noe jeg kunne gjøre....

My computer has fall down totaly and because of this I lost ALL my information on the computer. Therfore I hope that you all who has sent me an inquire-, are interessting in pugs ore who`s waiting for a puppie frome me - can take contact with me one more time. I can just appologize all this, but it was nothing I could do...

16. September 2009:

  • Our G-litter is born ♥ ♥ ♥ "Anna" gave birth to her 1st puppie today at 06.45 p.m. Totally she delivered 6 healthy and strong babies - 2 black males, 1 light fawn male and 3 black females. And what a date she decided to give birth into - 16.09.09 is my studmale "Oscar`s" 7th birthday, since this I think and feel that this litter is very special ♥ ♥
  • New Photoalbum: G-litter

30. August 2009:

  • All the puppies frome our E- and F - litter has now moved to their new homes. I wish all my puppy buyers good luck with their babies ♥
  • Snowpug`s Brianna the Rose of Love has been x-rayed and sadly she isnt pregnant. She will be mated on her next heat in January 2010 with Snowpug`s Dreaming Theo
  • Troppola Dark Denise isnt pregnant - we will try to mate her on her next heat in January 2010 with the same male Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow
  • Snowpug`s Alice Deejay is pregnant, expected delivering is 19. September -09. Father to this litter is Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle (black male)♥ ♥ ♥
  • Snowpug`s Alice Deejay er drektig og forventet termin er 19. September. Far til dette kullet er Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle (svart hanne)♥ ♥ ♥

18. August 2009:

  • Important information to all pug owners and people who are interessting in pugs on Frontpage/Viktig informasjon til alle mopseiere og mopsinteresserte på Hovedsiden

16. August 2009:

  • Photoalbum of puppies in E- and F-litter are updated
  • Snowpug`s Brianna the Rose of Love (female) is mated with Snowpug`s Dreaming Theo (male). Expected delivery is 04th. September -09. If you are interessting in a puppy from this combination please call: 004793486093 ore send a E-mail: [email protected]
  • Snowpug`s Brianna the Rose of Love (tispe) er parret med Snowpug`s Dreaming Theo (hanne). Forventet termin er 04. September -09. Visst du er er interessert i en valp fra denne kombinasjonen er du velkommen til å ta kontakt enten pr tlf.: 93486093 eller E-mail: [email protected]

05. August 2009:

  • The puppies in our E- and F- litter has now got their pedigree names:

Snowpug`s Egon Olsen                      black male

Snowpug`s Esmeralda                       apricot female

Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love        fawn male

Snowpug`s Fabolous Tingeling            fawn female

Snowpug`s Fairyland Ella                   fawn female

Snowpug`s Flames of Sunset             fawn female

Snowpug`s Force of Character           fawn female

01. August 2009:

  • Photoalbum of puppies in E- and F-litter

21. July 2009:

We have avaibale 1 black male and 2 fawn females puppies for sale to the right people. Please feel free to contact me for furter information [email protected]

På grunn av avbestilling har jeg tilgjengelig 1 sort hanne og 2 fawne tisper. Dersom du mener du er den rette for en av disse valpene er du velkommen til å kontakte meg enten pr. mail: [email protected] eller mobil: 94893898.

15.July 2009:

  • Link to a photosite, EXPONO, where I`m sharing different photos
  • The father to our E-litter and H-litter (mother Snowpug`s Baroness Marie and Snowpug`s Alice Deejay) is a excellent size swedish male wich is very masculine, good head, very good black shiny coat and colour (without any white marketing), good bone structure, good health and temperament, good movements - Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle (photo and pedigree will come)

09. July 2009:

  • Snowpug`s Alice Deejay (Anna) is finally in heat - and she will be mated next week with a wonderful and masculine black male frome Sweden (more information about the male will come)
  • All the puppies frome our E- and F-litter are growing each day, they are all very strong and beautiful. They have all open their eyes - so now they can see us and everything around them.

08. July 2009:

  • Troppola Dark Denise (Denise) is in heat and she will be mated in next week with our own male, Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow (Theodor)

Enquires are welcome to both theese matings

[email protected]

03rd. July 2009:

Its now quite a while since I updated my website and I`m so sorry for that. I have been away for some weeks and I didnt have any access to any computers where I were. But here are som news:

  • 22. June Snowpug`s Baroness Marie Of Victory aka "Marie" gave birth to two healthy and strong puppies. One black male and one fawn female.
  • 24. June (my birtday) Pugbully Joan Baez aka "Sarah" gave birth to 5 healthy and great stong puppies. One fawn male and 4 fawn females.

Enquires are welcome for both theese litters

23. May 2009:

  • Sarah and Marie are PREGNANT and we are expecting puppies 24. June (and thats my birthday - so I cant ask for a better birtday present!!)
  • Two new videos: one frome Norways National Day 17.05.09 and the another one frome 03rd. May 2009. Both the videos are frome trips with the dogs..

12. April 2009:

21. March 2009:

  • Puppy page is updated with "Upcomming litters 2009" and information about previous C- and D litter.
  • New photo on the frontpage taken of Snowpug`s Marie Of Victory - aka Marie (20.03.09)

14. March 2009:

  • New photo on the frontpage of our cute princess Lilly

05. March 2009:

  • New photo on the frontpage taken of Snowpug`s Dore Quatro on his first Dogshow in Molde last weekend
  • Fantastic NEWS!! Both of my mothers grown up Chihuahua`s are tested free for patella!!!!!!

19. February 2009:

18. February 2009:

  • Shownews
  • Today I get FANTASTIC shownews frome Netherland, where Snowpug`s B`Thabisa Nandi of Norway lives at kennel Devils from Heaven. This weekend they were in Germany on 2 dogshows and Nandi was just amayzing. This was her first time in the intermediary class and she became nr.1 Bitch with CAC both days!!! Now she only need 2 more CAC for getting the title German Champion!!! I`m so proud of Marjo and Nandi, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

17. February 2009:

15. February 2009:

  • New picture on the frontpage, shows me and Snowpug`s Cygnus (Molly) in the showring yesterday
  • Shownews! Yesterday we were on a National Dogshow in Ølen, Hordaland. I didn`t show any of my pugs wich live home with me, but I show 1 male frome my B - litter wich I co own with Dagny Håheim and 1 female from my C - litter, a beautiful little girl who lives with her family in Haugesund. Judge was Gunnar Nymann and there were 20 entries.

Snowpug`s Baron Of Western Norway (lille Oscar), result: 1AUK, 1AUKK.

Dommeren mente han var "noe bred framme" og ga han derfor ikke noe mer premiering.. Desverre så var dommeren veldig rask i sine øyekast på hunden og stakkars Oscar som ikke bred i fronten ble skuffet...

 men slik er det med disse utstillingene...ny sjanse - nye muligheter..

Oscar har utviklet seg en god del og i positiv retning siden vi stilte ham ut sist, høsten -08. Da var han desverre noe tynn pga han har et ENORMT energinivå i den lille kroppen sin. Dagny har virkelig stått på for å "feite" han opp og trimme han godt (TUSEN takk Dagny). Vi har stor tro på denne "krabaten" og det blir spennende å se hva han kan komme til å gi oppdrettet fremover.

Snowpug`s Cygnus (Molly), result: 1JK, 2JKK, R.CAC, 3.BTK. This was her first dogshow and I just have to say that she has a natural talent for showing herselves.

Jeg er meget fornøyd med Molly`s debut i utstillingsringen, både innenfor- og utenfor ringen. Hun tok alt med knusende ro, tross alt sin unge alder!! Man skulle tro at hun alltid hadde gjort dette og hun viste seg frem med den største selvfølgelighet.

Hun er UTROLIG lik sin mor - Pugbully Joan Baez (Sarah) og søster Snowpug`s Alice Deejay (Anna) i hodet og uttrykk. Det var som om det var 1 og samme hund i alle 3 Molly har utviklet seg til å bli en meget kraftig, kompakt dame med god selvtillit. Det skal bli veldig interessant å følge henne i utviklingen. Molly`s første kritikk ble slik:

"14 mnd av middels størrelse, kraftig bygd. Utmerket hode, god underkjeve. Viser litt hvitt i øyne. Utmerket skalle. Passe hals. Utmerket overlinje + hale. OK forbryst, står noe bredt frem. Passe benstamme. Utmerkede sidebevegelser. Passe stabil foran + bak. Fin farge."

Picture below shows me and Molly in the showring.

Thank you so much Dagny, Sonja, Helene and Ståle for a wonderful day togheter with you all!!

13. February 2009:

  • Sad news... I have been waiting for that Anna should be delivering her puppies for a few days now. Sadly she lost a beautiful and perfect female puppy at clock 01.15 today.. 

01st. February 2009:

  • New album of Snowpug`s Cepheus in the Photo Gallery. "Bob" is from our C-litter and lives with his owner Iselin Magerøy in Bergen
I have to send a BUG hug to all my puppy buyers, because you are all so clever to send me pictures of yours Snowpug dog. In this way I can follow your dog in their lives and see them grow and develop - so THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

15. January 2009:

  • New picture on the frontpage taken of S. Dreaming Dore Quatro. I have to send a BIG thanks and many hugs to his great owners, Bente and Hans, Molde, for taking so good care of this prince charming, and because they are so kind to send me regularly pictures of him.
  • New pictures in S. Dreaming Dore Quatro`s album

13. January 2009:

  • New picture of our strong male, Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow, on the site Our pugs (males) thank you so much Ann-Cathrin (Kennel Candypug) for that you are taking so good care of our prechious boy

11. January 2009:

Two new albums, female "Molly" from our C-litter and male "Quatro" from our D-litter

01st. January 2009:

  • Kennel Snowpug wishes all our friends, visitors, guest and family a happy new year and we wish you all the best for 2009
  • Happy New Year picture of "The king in Molde" - Snowpug`s Dreaming Dore Quatro

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