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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

 F - LITTER born 24. June 2009

Our first Snowpug litter was this combination - Pugbully Joan Baez (female) and Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite (male), our A - litter where I kept one female, S. Alice Deejay

The puppies was born on my 35 years birthday....

Sarah was very important in my breeding program, she was my second pug and I`m so fortunate to have 1 fawn female after her (S. Alice Deejay) and 1 female that is Sarah`s granddaughter (S. Golden Esmeralda)

This should be my breeding bitch Pugbully Joan Baez (Sarah) last litter before she should be retired but it tourn out to be an awaked nightmare for all of us...

It become actually 10 puppies in this litter - I have never heard about such many pug-puppies in any litter here in the Nordic Countries. I have heard that there has been given birt to 11 pug-puppies in Spain but I dont know if everyone was growing up..

Sadly we lost Sarah under the caesarian because the veterinarian was given her far to much anaesthetization - he took quite simply her life....

The veterinarian was alone under the caesarian and I had to take care of all the 10 puppies on their way out of the uterus. I was shocked over that the veterinarian didnt asked anyone to help him, but what could I do? Sarah needed her caeserian as fast as possible because one of the male puppies was on his way out with his backfeet first, and he was stocked in her pelvis floor. It was short on time and I hadnt any other options...I wish I had then she would be alive today..

Since I was alone to take care of all the anaesthetizated puppies it says it selves that I had to pick out the puppies that for me looked to be most quality for life in.

I got life in 5 puppies, 1 male and 4 females - I couldnt resuce the other 5 little ones, because I only have two hands. In that moment I praied to God to help me so at least five of the puppies should manage. And I dont know if my pray was to any help - but the 5 puppies I got life in survived and was growing up to be 5 healthy and strong puppies.

The situation was the worst that could happen and its the worst that have ever happened to me and I will never forget this....

Today I`m very appreciative over the 5 puppies I`ve rescued from this delivering, they are all very special for me.

It wasnt easy to find names to these puppies but at the end they got the following names:

F - female M- male 

The puppies names: Owner:

  • Snowpug`s Fabulous Tingeling (F) Anita Skjerping,Fyllingsdalen-Bergen
  • Snowpug`s Fairyland Ella-Bella
  •  (F) Haldis og Jan Larsen,Halhjem-Bergen
  • Snowpug`s Force of Sunset (F) Linda Olsen,Namsos
  • Snowpug`s Force of Character (F) Harald Ersland,Ersvåg-Stord
  • Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love (M) Elin Skistad,Lonevåg-Bergen

Snowpug`s Falcon Lucky at Love was eyecleared FREE on his both eyes 11.06.2010 by veterinarian/eyespecialist/eyeclearer Birgitte G. Greve

Puppies pedigree

Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite               

Kastanjan Lotus Lothar

Solna`s Adams Rib

Gas Hollow`s Romeo

Kastanjan Esikko-Emily

Kastanjan Cocos-Liselotte

Loujay Sir Ivor

Kastanjan Bellis

Klehaugens Gullvivah

Moyard Moonpilot

Ardglass Noah

Moyard Mooncharm

Klehaugens Britta Eime Alt

Pugwood`s Percy Sledge

Pugwood`s Elaine Paige

Pugbully Joan Baez

Pugbully Dirty Harry

Kendoric's American Flyer

Kendoric's Tokin Ticket

 Amat's Kendoric Diana

Belly Button Bullypug

Cha's Crash A'Boomerang

Humlans Rubicon Ruby

Klehaugens Poetry In Motion

Kendoric's American Flyer

Kendoric's Tokin Ticket

Amat's Kendoric Diana

Klehaugens Evy

Pugwood's Percy Sledge

Pugwood's Elaine Paige

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