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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

Snowpug`s Gilt-edged Esmeralda - aka "Esmeralda"

Snowpug`s Gilt-edged Esmeralda is a hole black female I kept from my G-litter born 16. September 2009, actually on her grandfathers (Oscar) birthday. Since the litter was born on my first pug birthday (S NUCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite "Oscar") I thought this was so special so I decided to keep one of the females from this litter - hence Esmeralda.

Esmeralda was 1 of six puppies - 3 black females, 2 black males and 1 fawn male. Her parents are Snowpug`s Alice Deejay (fawn mother) and Gamekeeper`s Frank Pickle (black import male from Sweden). Since I sadly lost her grandmother (Pugbully Joan Baez) in June -09 - Esmeralda is an important female in my future breeding.

Esmeralda is a small and very compact female with very good sex touch and I have big faith on this little black pearl!!

 Picture taken April 2010 - Esmeralda is 7 months old 

Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl - aka "Ingeborg"

"Ingeborg" is one of two keepers from my I-litter born 03rd. May 2010 - after Snowpug`s Alice Deejay (mother) and AM SERB INT CH Gas Hollow`s Full Card (american imported fawn male).

I am very grateful that I was able to borrow the lovely american male "Carter" to this combination of Anne Hagebø, Kennel Grosserheimen.

From this litter I chose to keep two of the puppies - "Ingeborg" and one of the males - "Oliver" (Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist).

There was born five puppies in this litter - but unfortunately we lost 2 puppies after 2 days - but the 3 puppies mother "Anna" had left was growing up to be very handsome, healthy and good-looking pugs. All the three puppies had very heavy bones, great heads, good light coat with well marked eels and good marked face.

Ingeborg is a lovely female with a VERY big personality and she is a very special dog. She has a wonderful head and expression, amazingly bright color and good coat quality, very nice and high set tail and strong bone. Ingeborg is Kennel Snowpug`s diva!

Ingeborg 31.01.14 3 1/2 years old 

  Ingeborg 31.01.2012 - 21 months old

 Ingeborg 5 months and 3 weeks. She became BOB on Norsk Kennel Klubb`s Puppyshow in Stavanger 24.10.2010.

At the day (04. September 2010) she was 4 months old on her first Puppy-show, she got the fantastic results nr.2 BEST IN SHOW

I`m the Angel after Oscar - aka "Carmen"

This little princess was born 06.07.11 in a litter of 6 puppies (3 + 3). Her parents are Pugsies Orange Sensation (fawn mother) & Snowpug`s Baron of Western Norway (fawn father)

This litter was planned on the basis that I and Dagny G. Håheim wanted a progeny of little Oscar, so that his genes were passed on in the Snowpug`s. All puppies in this litter was incredibly simmilar with very good heads and massiv bones, which I am very happy with. Carmen was chosen based on her qualities measured up against her father, little Oscar - so with this little princess we hope to get much joy for years to come. Little "Carmen" (that she`s called on daily bases) is our new addition in our future breeding - and she leads a very exciting and interessting lines into my kennel.

I am so lucky to have a collaboration with Kennel Hundur and "Carmen" lives with Silje K. Ellingsen on Bømlo in Hordaland, along with her great black male - Børge - that she`s going to get many nice playtime with. Thank you so much Silje for taking care of our little princess!

I and Dagny G. Håheim is grateful for the cooperation that we have together, Elin & Silje K. Ellingsen, with our new common hope for the future - little "Carmen"

Carmen summer 2013, 2 years old

Carmen 2 years old summer 2013

Carmen 8 uker 02.09.2011  

Snowpug`s No More Tears - aka "Selma"

Snowpug`s No More Tears "Selma" is 1 of 3 females in the last litter to Snowpug`s Baroness Marie of Victory (Marie) born 18.05.2013.

Since this was my breeding female - "Marie's" last litter, I chose to keep this female to maintain the lines from Troppola Dark Denise & N SUCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite. I have already retained two offspring from the same combination of our M-litter born 12.06.12 - Snowpug`s Magic Moment "Frida" & Snowpug`s Multum in Parvo as Oscar "Oscar".

I chose to make this combination a second time since I have had this litter combination once before (M-litter born 12.06.12) and these offspring have had a very positive development quote their first year of life.

The female I chose to keep is a strong princess with very bright color and good bone structure- not to mention a wonderful temperament! I'm really excited to see how she will develop inthe coming years. The name of our princess is: Snowpug`s No More Tears (Selma) and the name symbolizes for me a new period in life. 

With this line combination, I wanted to strengthen the offsprings bone structure (very powerful), good skulls with well placed ears, excellent creep and drawings/markings, very light color with good pigmentation, lovely free movement and are a VERY good and lively temperament (which I really appreciate).


Snowpug`s Baroness Marie of Victory (mother)  

Troppola Dark Denise (grandmother) 

Snowpug`s One Angel to You - aka "Angel"

Our black pearl is named: Snowpug`s One Angel to You (Angel) and is equally as the N-litter a symbol of a new period in our lives.

The parents to this black female are: Snowpug`s Gilt-Edged Esmeralda (black mother) & Kinnpiken`s Ronnie James Dio (black father) and it was born 6 puppies 21. May 2013 - but unfortunately we lost 2 of them - but there was left 4 healthy and lovely puppies - 2 females and 2 males.

This is kennel Snowpug's first all-round black combination and I was very excited about what would come of puppies. This is because I know that it could also come fawne since it is fawne ancestors on both parental lines. The happiness was therefor great when Esmeralda gave birth to 3 carbon black puppies (2 black males + 1 black female) and 1 fawn female (the living puppies).

The little black pearl "Angel" is a true copy of her mom in body and shape and have the head and expression to her glorious father - so it will be very exciting to follow in the coming years how she develops.

These 2 dogs - Esmeralda & Ronnie - provides a line combination in which the lines of following pugs - S UCH Humlans Rolling Stone Roll On, S N UCH NV-98 Danpug Sergeant Pepper, S UCH N UCH Humlans Leader Of The Turtles and S FINUCH NORDV-97 SUCH Snickers Nicolas Nerigo - are the ones that I've wanted to get amplified. This is very old lines with many positive characteristics that I think are important to ensure that they do not disappear. 

I have to thank my good friend Elin K. Ellingsen, Kennel Hundur - for letting me borrow her male "Ronnie" to this combination.  


Borzan`s Black Antoinette - aka "Antoinette"

15. November 2013 I finally get home Kennel Snowpug `s new family member! The black pearl: Borzan`s Black Antoinette (Antoinette). Antoinette is a dear awaited princess that we have been waiting for on a very long time.

This was a special weekend for me since I in November 2002 got home from my first pug kennel Borzan`s - the ancestor of kennel Snowpug - N SUCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite (Oscar) - so it was very special to me that I 11 years later, would receive an another pug from my first breeder - Kennel Borzan`s

Princess Antoinette was born 01.08.2013 in a litter of 6 black puppies. She is a hole black, small and tough princess. Antoinette`s parents are: Le Chien Noir De Chardin Nice (Elin - black mother) and Quentino Von Beusloe (Sune - fawn deutch imported male).¨

Antoinette has a very interesting pedigree and has lines that I think is very interesting, so it will be very interesting to follow this princess's development in the years to come.

Thanks to Janet & Stig Holm for that you once again trust me one of yours Borzan`s offspring - I am so grateful for the confidence you show me and I will take very good care of little "Nettan"!


 Quentino Von Beusloe - Antoinettes dad Le Chien Noir De Chardin Nice - Antoinettes mum