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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

I - LITTER born 03rd. May 2010

This is Kennel Snowpug`s second litter in 2010 and for me it`s a very exciting combination and I have big faith on it. I was so lucky to get the opertunity to borrow a very hansom and good-looking american import male from Kennel Gas Hollow`s in USA - AMCH SERBCH INTCH Gas Hollow`s Full Card - to my female S. Alice Deejay (Anna).

The night to 03. May at 02:00 AM Anna gave birt to her first puppy and at 05:00 AM she delivered her last one - totally she delivered 5 puppies - but unfortunally one didnt make it. But she have left 2 females and 2 males and they are all very strong, healthy and are eating very good. Anna is taking very good care of her 4 babies and she is a very clever mother.

Thank you so much Anne Hagebø, Kennel Grosserheimen (Norway) for that you are letting me use Mr. Carter in my breeding program.

This is Anna`s second litter - she`s the mother to my E - litter where I kept the black pearl S. Golden Esmeralda in my Kennel. After this litter Anna was mated on her following heat so she should have the opertunity to get in shape to be shown on some of this years dogshows.

From this litter I have decided to keep 2 of the puppies, the female and one of the males. I decided to to this because I think this litter have a interessting pedigree and I belive they will give me lots of positivity in the future showrings and to my breeding program.

I`m so lucky to have a friend of mine who will co-own one of theese future hopes with me. Dagny G. Håheim are co-owning the male - S. Baron of Western Norway - with me and she will now also co-own - S. Incredible Oliver Twist with me. I`m so grateful for having you as my close friend and for that I have the opertunity to co-own these lovely pugs with you.

It will be very thrilling and exciting to see how these two lovely ones will develop and grow in the comming future. Thank you so much Dagny for that we have this good companionship together!

Puppies Photoalbum

Parents to this combination are:

Snowpug`s Alice Deejay                  AMCH SERBCH INTCH Gas Holow`s Full Card

                    F - female and M - male

Names:                                                                 Owner:

  • Snowpug`s Incredible Oliver Twist          breeder and Dagny G.Håheim
  • Snowpug`s Ivo Caprino                           Line E. Aanes, Rælingen
  • Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl         breeder  

l - litter Pedigree:

Gas Hollow`s Full Card 

Gas Hollow`s Brouhaha 

Romeo De Generation Pelerin`s And C

Movard Moonriver

Nicky Magic Aquinox

Gas Hollow`s Wallis

Gas Hollow`s Thimble Theatre

Gas Hollow`s Matso

Gas Hollow`s Darla Harlot 

Gas Hollow`s Gold Leaf

Sheffield`s Crimson Pirate II

Gas Hollow`s Folly 

Rebelrun Christmas Serenade

Rebelrun Wild As The Wind

Gas Hollow`s Vannilla Pop

Snowpug`s Alice Deejay

Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite

Nabuco`s Victor Hugo 

Solna`s Adam`s Rib

Kastanjan Cocos-Liselotte

Nabuco`s Fernanda 

Moyard Moonpilot

Klehaugens Britta Eime Alt

Pugbully Joan Baez 

Kastanjan Oscularia - Oscar

Kendoric`s American Flyer

Belly Button Bullypug

Troppola Prima Ballerina

Kendoric`s American Flyer

Klehaugens Evy

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