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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

Snowpug`s Puppy Page

Har du lyst på en mops fra Kennel Snowpug?

Fyll da ut skjemaet "Forespørsel om mops" som du finner her.

If you want a puppy from our kennel - please read following settings.... 

If you wish to have one puppy from my breeding, please have in mind that I don`t breed very often, so a large amount of patience and perseverance is required on your part. I don`t have waitinglist since I follow my feeling over the person I`m talking with. A hint to you if you are interesting in a pug from my breeding is to show me and convince me that you are a serious person who have a big interesting for the breed.

In my breeding program I am very focused/suspended in working to achieve my goals - such as: the breed construction, health, joy, temperament, anatomy and genetics. But one should always have "in mind"/remember that this is living individuals we`re working with - and you can never guarantee the results coming out of the breeding. But as a breeder, I always try to do my best to work towards achieving my goals in the best possible way for the breed.

If you are interessting in a Snowpug dog, you are welcome to send me an e-mail/inquire, where I hope you can tell me about your self and the home you can offer a pug from my breeding. Write about your hopes and thoughts about having a pug.

Tell me about where in the country you are living/which country you are living in, if you have any other animals - if so which one, small/large kids (age), sivil status, how many hours each day the dog would be alone in your home in your daily life, do you have any opertunity to take some weeks of when you are getting a puppy home, do you know the breed frome before/experience, are you interesting in dogshow`s ore do you only wish a familly dog etc.

I`m looking forward to hear from you!!

Breeding Guidlines

Retningslinjer for Avl- & Oppdrett

With my membership in Norwegian Kennel Club and in Norwegian Pug Dog Club - I`m comitted to follow their ethical breed guidelines. 

- I`m sorry - but the following information is only in Norwegian -

Med mitt medlemsskap i Norsk Kennel Klubb (NKK) og i Norsk Mops Klubb (NMK) er jeg som oppdretter forpliktet til å følge NKK`s og NMK`s retningslinjer for avl- & oppdrett.

Her er linker til NMK`s avls retningslinjer, NKK`s avlsstrategi og NKK`s etiske grunnreglrf ro avl og oppdrett

Previous litters:  

If you are interessting to read about our PREVIOUS LITTERS they have their own page - just follow the link


Before you send me an message to inquire about the availability about puppies - I hope that you will take time to read the information on the page Purchasing Information


Planlagte parringer for 2014

In English:

During the first half of 2014, it is currently planned 4 litters: 2 clean Fawne combinations (both parents are fawn ), 1 combined with fawn mother and black father and 1 combination where both parents are black.

It is an exciting upcoming time and I hope that everything will goes as planned. But we should have in mind that it is the living individuals we are working with when we are breeding - so we never know how things are going in advance.

It is in such situations one would wish " that one could see into the future" so that one could knew how things was going to go - but this is not so... This is the part of the conducting breeding - the planning and the hope for that everything will go well.

The females who will be mated are: Snowpug`s Magic Moment (Frida - fawn), I`m the Angel After Oscar (Carmen - fawn), Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl (Ingeborg - fawn) & Snowpug`s Gilt-edged Esmeralda (Esmeralda - black).

The males for the coming litters and combinations will be published as the matings has occurred.

Those who are interested in a Snowpug puppy are most welcome to contact me - write a little about yourself and your life situation and I 'd appreciate if those who are interested had taken the time to fill out the request form which is attached here as a link.  


In Norwegian:

I løpet av første halvdel av 2014 er det pt planlagt 4 kull - 2 rene fawne kombinasjoner (begge foreldrene er fawn), 1 kombinasjon med fawn mor og svart far og 1 kombinasjon der begge foreldrene er sorte.

Det blir en spennende tid som kommer og jeg håper at alt går som planlagt - man må ta høyde for at det er levende individer vi arbeider med når vi driver med avl - så man vet aldri hvordan det går på forhånd.

Det er i slike situasjoner man skulle ønske "at man kunne se inn i fremtiden" - slik at man visste hvordan tingen kom til å gå - men slik er det ikke... Slik er det å drive med avl- og oppdrett - man planlegger og håper at alt skal gå bra.

Tispene som skal bli parret er følgende: Snowpug`s Magic Moment (Frida - fawn), I`m the Angel After Oscar (Carmen - fawn), Snowpug`s Ingeborg Precious Girl (Ingeborg - fawn) & Snowpug`s Gilt-edged Esmeralda (Esmeralda - black).

Hannhunder til de kommende kullene og kombinasjonene kommer til å bli publisert etter hvert som parringene har skjedd.

De som er interessert i et Snowpug avkom er hjertelig velkommen til å ta kontakt med meg - skriv da gjerne litt om deg selv og din livssituasjon og jeg hadde satt pris på om de som er interessert hadde tatt seg tid til å fylle ut  forespørsel skjemaet som ligger vedlagt her som link.