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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Purchasing Information


Before you send me a message to inquire about the availability for puppies, please read the following information carefully.

Please have in mind - if you want to have a Snowpug puppy - I don`t breed very often, so a large amount of patience and perseverance is required on your part. Sometimes the puppies are spoken for as soon as I know what`s available. 

Before I use any dog`s in my mating programs - I have to know that they are healthy. There are no matings on the females before they are at least 18 months old ore before their third heat. I don`t use any males in my breeding program before they are at least 15 months old. 

I make heavy demands upon the dogs I`m using in my breeding program - as well as I do to my self and to my puppy buyers.

My goals is to breed sound, healthy and happy pugs with nice and lovely temperament - which should be treated with much love and care by their new owners and it`s important that the new owner, is satisfied with me as the breeder to their new pug.

Have in mind: 

  • I do not have a waiting list for the puppies. But I note down those who are interested in a Snowpug dog and they will be notified of upcoming litters. It is entirely up to the individual to show their interest - and I recommend that those who want a pug from my breeding to contact me at regular intervals. In the end, it is the people who show the most interest - who become the future owners of a dog from Kennel Snowpug.
  • I don't deliver puppies, so you have to come yourself to pick up your puppy (I am available to deliver the puppy to you against the cost).
  • I do not accept payment in installments.

Your chance, purchasing a puppy from me, 
is accordingly up to you and the interest you show!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Demands to my puppy buyers:

- You must guarantee that you would take very good care of the puppy
- The puppy must always be allowed to be around you (more or less)
- If you aren’t able to keep the dog (of any reason) – you have to take contact me as fast as possible
- If the dog gets sick – contact me so I know about it – maybe I can inform ore help you with something

When you receive the puppy:

 When you get the puppy - the puppy would be: 
- The puppy is older than 9 weeks 
- ID-Chip marked (ISO-standard)
- Been treated for worms
- Passport for animals
- The puppy is vaccinated
When the puppies are leaving, they will have following things with them:
- Pedigree registered in Norwegian Kennel Club (Export Pedigree)
- Sales contract from Norwegian Kennel Club and Kennel Snowpug`s sales contract
- Dog passport
- Veterinary attest (not older than 10 days)
- Blanket with familiar smells and a toy
- Puppy food and information about feeding
- A large booklet with a lot of information prepared by the breeder
- Various products manufactured by Optima pH. This is a company that facilitates products of normal flora on skin and mucous  
- Chewing bone, treats

Insurance against "hidden-faults":

All puppies from my breeding are insured against "hidden-faults" in Agria Animal Insurance until they are 5 years old. I recommend all my puppy buyers to insured their puppy at once they are getting their new family member home. If its is necessary I can help with insurance information.


You will also receive the safety to know that I always will be available for you and your new family member - any time and I`m just happy for helping. None questions are to stupid to ask for - it`s very important that you are feeling so safe that you know this.
One of my goals as a breeder is that you - ALL THE TIME - shall fell safe on that you were doing the right choice the day you were choosing a puppy frome my breeding.
When you have read the information above and want to purchase a puppy from Kennel Snowpug - you are welcome to send me an e-mail where you can tell me about yourself and your wishes and thoughts for a future pug puppy.

Welcome with your inquire!