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This page will be updated with pictures and other information about the litter.

I`m proudly present Kennel Snowpug's Z-litter born June 02.

The parents of this litter are our black pearl Snowpug`s Shining Black Pearl "Chanel" and our import male Sunshine Dream Magic Guise "Alexander". 

There were born 2 puppies (both fawn) - 1 female and 1 male, both strong and healthy (the female will stay with us).

Since this is "Chanel`s" first litter I think it is very exciting to see how the puppies will be. I have been planning this combination for many years - as it is important for me to preserve these lines that "Chanel" is from.

I was really hoping for black puppies - but I'm very grateful over the 2 lovely puppies my black princess "Chanel" gave birth to. Everything is okey with both mum and puppies and "Chanel" is a great mum for her babies. 

Both parents are:
Patella checked
Eye checked
PDE tested


Z-litter pedigree


Photos taken when the puppies was 5 days old 07.06.20


The female on the left and the male puppy on the right


Z-litter 3 weeks old